Thursday, 31 March 2011

FOTD: Mac Cremeblend blush- Something special

I bought this cremeblend blush from Mac the other day and since buying I haven't stopped wearing it. I find it surprisingly easy to apply (I just use my fingertips) and is such a lovely natural day colour.
Mac Cremeblend blush- something special

FOTD(again sorry for picture quality, I am using my iphone):
Hopefully you can see the blush on my face. Its a lovely subtle colour that has saved me over the last few days with my pale, ill complexion!

What else I'm wearing:
Eyes: Bobby brown corrector & concealer, Mac e/s-all that glitters, A couple of colours from my 17 metallic nudes palette, Darkest colour from Sleek Peach palette (to line eyes & on brows), Natural collection mascara.

Face: Maxfactor weightless foundation- light ivory, Mac cremeblend blush- something special. A spritz of Mac Fix+

Lips: Vaseline!

Has anyone else tried the cremeblend blushes?
Rachy xxx

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Superhaul review Part 3: Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer

Now I have come to the part of my superhaul review that I am dreading; the part where I have to show you all my eyes without concealer for the sake of comparison :(
I have suffered from really dark circles under my eyes since I was young which is why I got into concealer at quite an early age and have pretty much every concealer under the sun to find one I liked. For the last year I have been using Maybelline pure cover mineral concealer which was brilliant, matched my skintone perfectly and didn't crease at all, the only problem was that on nights out I found I had to keep re-applying to keep the coverage at its maximum.
So after years of being used to the more liquidy concealers I have decided to give something else a try..Bobbi brown corrector and concealer.
When I went to the Bobbi Brown ounter I had only intended to get the concealer, but of course after the lady worked her magic I was convinced I needed the corrector also. Thankfully my mum treated me to the corrector, as the price of both together is insane!
Left: Corrector- porcelain bisque, Right: concealer- porcelain
Same as above. The corrector is slightly lighter and pinker than the more yellowy colour of the concealer. This is to brighten the eye area and cancel out any redness before you apply the concealer.
Because my concealer shade is so light, the powder that came with it is simply white:
And here it goes, a picture of my without concealer: (notice extra redness around the eyes and general bad skin as I am really poorly at the moment)
And here is a picture with my dark circles (hopefully) concealed... for comparisons sake one eye has corrector & concealer and one just concealer...can you guess which?
The answer is I am wearing corrector and concealer on my left eye (right when looking at the picture) and just concealer on the right. I think its partly down to the poor picture quality that it is hard to see the difference here (taken on my iphone) and to be honest I am finding it hard to see the difference myself today, but when applying it seems to be visably doing something. If that makes sense...
left eye: corrector and concealer
Right eye: just concealer

-The one thing I would say about this concealer is unfortunately it does crease, even with the powder on top. I asked the Bobbi Brown lady before buying (hoping she'd tell me the truth) and she said 'ooh no it shouldn't crease with the powder on top'....alas.
-Other than that it is a nice concealer and certainly does brighten up my eye area nicely. But for the price I think it is a little outrageous. For a better impression of how it looks, I am wearing it in the FOTD in my last post.
-To be perfectly honest I think I have been wearing the more liquid concealers for all these years for good reason, and once the Bobbi brown concealer is finished I may resort back to them.

Did any of you notice the difference between both eyes?
Any other good concealers to recommend?

Rachy xxx

Monday, 28 March 2011

Superhaul review part 2: Sleek peach palette & FOTD

Here I am with part 2 of my superhaul review; Sleek peach palette. I decided to give this palette a post of its own because quite frankly I think it deserves one. There are so many colours to show (appologies if the swatches aren't brilliant I was finding it hard to get the right light) and I have thrown in a little FOTD using a couple of the colours on my eyes.

I'm sure you've all seen the outside of a sleek palette so there is no need for a picture, but this is what it contains. Ive lost the colour name sheet but im sure if you're interested you can google it. The first 3 colours in the palette are the more pinky/peach shades, and other than a couple of goldy nudes and the grey and black the rest are all peach or orange. There are 4 shimmer shades and 8 matte.

Swatches, 1st row:

2nd row:

As you can probably see from the swatches, the colour payoff varies from colour to colour. I think this is due to the fact that the matte colours have more payoff than the shimmery.


Eyes: In my FOTD I am wearing number 2, 3 and 6 in the palette, along with a little Mac- Sushi flower in the crease. I also used the grey in the palette along the top and bottom lash lines. Face: Maxfactor weightless foundation- light ivory, Bobbi brown corrector and concealer, Mac cream colour base-hush. Lips: Gosh lip marker- 003 Berry
I am surprisingly happy with this look considering i barely ever wear colours this bright. The reason i brought this palette is so i can wear a brighter more summery eye as the wether gets better :)

Any of you have this palette? If so what are your fave colours?

Rachy xxx

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Superhaul review part 1: Gosh & sleek pout polish

As's what I think about a few of my superhaul items:

You may have seen the new Gosh lip markers advertised, and I'm sure you've all come across the maxfactor ones. I havn't tried the maxfactor ones (other than swatching) and to be honest when I saw the Gosh ones advertised at £4.99 each (with a 3 for 2 deal also on Gosh cosmetics) I decided to check them out. What I found is that the packaging and the colours appealed to me much more than the maxfactor ones which I havn't felt a particular urge to buy. I'm glad I made the purchase and I am also glad that I chose two such pretty, bold colours. And of course the gorgeous free nailvarnish was an added bonus.

The Sleek pout polish is something I have seen praised on Vivianna's favourite lipgloss youtube video so I decided it was time to try for myself.

Gosh lasting lipmarkers in:004 Berry & 001 Red (although I would call it more of a bright orange/red)

Sleek pout polish- Electro peach

There is a reason that I put the Gosh markers and the pout polish in the same post, and that is because I discovered that Electro peach pout polish looks gorgeous over the Red (orangey) marker.

Im sorry I havn't done any photos with them on my lips, they are a little dry today but I can supply you with a swatch photo to demonstrate. (I do love the lipmarkers so I'm sure they will be featuring in up and coming FOTD'S)Left to right: Gosh lipmarker- Red, Sleek pout polish-electro peach, Electro peach over red marker. As you can hopefully see, layering the two enhances the colour and adds a nice gloss.

I love all of these Lip products, the markers are super-longlasting and the pout polish adds a subtle hint of colour with a pleasant scent. All 3 of these lip products will be becoming handbag regulars of mine.

And now for a pretty self explanatory NOTD:

Gosh nail laquer- 001 Lavender love

Such a pretty coloured polish. My first Gosh polish and I found it very easy to apply and so far no chips.

Next installment of superhaul reviews to come tommorow!

Rachy xxx

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Superhaul! - Mac, Bobbi Brown, Gosh, Lush & Sleek

Im going to let you all in on a little secret...the other day I recieved my student bursary and may or may not have gone on a 2 day superspree, and the results of this may or may not be below in this post. (Please don't tell the bursary police, I'm saving the rest I promise!...)From left to right in 3 rows:
  1. Mac Fix +
  2. Bobbi Brown corrector- Porcelain Bisque
  3. Bobbi Bown creamy concealer kit- Porcelain
  4. Gosh Nail laquer- 001 Lavender Love (special edition)
  5. Lush solid purfume- Karma
  6. Scandalous rock chick wave spray
  7. Mac satin eyeshadow- Sushi Flower
  8. Mac creamblend blush- Something special
  9. Sleek pout polish- Electro Peach
  10. Sleek peach palette
  11. Gosh Long lasting lip marker- 003 Berry, 001 Red

Don't worry if you think I havn't gone into enough detail, I think a lot of these items deserve posts of their own which I will be delivering to you over the next few days (reviews, pics, swatches) So keep your eyes peeled :)
Rachy xxx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Retail therapy buy: Mac cream colour base- Hush

So its approaching the end of possibly the busiest term at university and naturally I have a pile of work to do and have developed a rotten cold. Waking up today Feeling completely sorry for myself I allowed my friend to drag me into to town where I payed a visit to my beloved Mac store.
The criteria for my retail therapy buy was:
- Find something I will love and use as much as my MSF soft and gentle
-Something pretty & glowy to ease me into spring/summer makeup
The product I landed on was the cream colour base in Hush, a lovely pinky peachy pearl colour. I will be using it as a subtle blush colour and highlighter :)

Left: Mac all that glitters, Right: Hush.
The shade of Hush reminds me of a Slightly lighter, pinker (and obviously cream) version of Mac all that glitters e/s. The two actually compliment eachother really nicely and I am wearing them both now :)

One thing that I really like about Mac's cream colour bases is that you can use some of them (including this one) on the lips and eyes as well as face. (there is a mini leaflet inside informing you which shades can be used where) This means for example that I could use a dab of Hush along the brow bone paired with All that glitters on the lid :)

Any of you tried Mac's cream colour bases?
Any favourites/reccomendations?

Rachy xxx

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Girly FOTD

Lately I have become concious of how neglected some pieces of makeup in my collection are becoming, as I have been pretty much rejecting everything for my beloved MSF- soft and gentle. I decided to make a change today and revisit some neglected pinks and lilacs, resulting in a pretty girly FOTD:

Some of the neglected items used in this look

Face: collection 2000 longwear concealer, maybelline dream matte powder- 02 rose ivory, Mac mineralize blush- hang loose, benefit primer- that gal

Eyes: Mac brow pencil-spiked, loreal colour appeal e/s- 21 golden beige (on brow bone), Maxfactor pink e/s trio (the lightest pink) , Collection 2000 colour intense solo- 12 playful punk, Rimmel eye kohl- 071 pure white, Pixi gel liner- onyx, Maxfactor masterpiece max mascara.

Lips: Mac amplified lipstick- chatterbox, Mac dazzleglass creme- gone romancin'

Rachy xxx

Monday, 14 March 2011

Haul time; Botanics, Bedhead, Maxfactor & lush

Ive been fairly busy storing up goods for a haul post in the last week or so, and now I have it all together I think it's time I did that post :)

-First of all are the Boots botanics products. I have wanted to try this range out for a while and what better time to try than when boots are doing the 3 for 2 offer across the store. The items I chose were the Pore perfecting day moisture lotion (as my pores have been playing up lately), the Superbalm (Because ive been getting a few tiny dry patches on my face too) and the organic lipbalm (cause I'm a sucker for a new lip balm).
Verdict: love the moisture lotion and the superbalm, but not keen at all on the lipbalm. It has bits in it , doesn't smell or taste nice and doesnt do much for my lips. I actually prefer to use the superbalm on my lips.

-I have also been searching High and low for some yummy smelling coloured hair shampoo now my GHD stuff is reaching its end (I am brunette at the moment but considering a change back to red), and bored with what boots had to offer I turned to the internet where I found a cheeky Bedhead discount website. I chose the Colour godess shampoo & conditioner for brunettes & reds.

Verdict: The smell is AMAZING! smells strongly of caramel/ chocolate...i may have even tasted it. Leaves my hair soft as expected but a little greasy...but I think that may be down to my poor diet/how I'm styling it at the moment.

Now for the makeup part of this haul. I have also been searching for a natural, light-medium wear foundation and after swatching a few of the higher end and drugstore ones I stumbled apon Maxfactor weightless foundation in 40 light ivory. Being a sucker for a free gift I took advantage of maxfactors spend £15 and get a free makeup gift deal. (the foundation was £9.99 and I bought the pretty pink eyeshadow trio with it) the gift came in a naff makeup bag but did contain the three minatures in the pic above, which isn't too bad,

Verdict:The feel of this foundation is pretty unique, it's really soft and I agree with the weightless description. The colour match for my skin is near perfect, which is hard to find as I am lighter than Mac's NW15. However, it did leave my skin a tad itchy. My skin is abit rubbish at the moment so I have discontinued use untill my skin clears up when I will do a propper review.

-And now for my favourite part of the haul! I was furious When lush discontinued the Sonic death monkey showergel so when I heard my Lush employee friend Kelsey was placing a retro order I had to get in on it. The parcel arrived today (there is nothing more exciting than opening a Lush package) and I was excited to see that Kelsey had thrown in a couple of treats, fizzbanger ballistic and Mask of Magnimity.

Verdict: Sonic death monkey remains a favourite Lush product of mine with is amazing terrys chocolate orange-esque scent. I would reccomend you buy it if it weren't so outrageously priced on the website :( as for the extras, they are right up my street! My skin was in need of a serious cleansing and I love the toffee apple scent of the ballistic.

Thanks Kelsey!

Rachy xxx

Sunday, 13 March 2011

2 recent FOTN's

If any of you are wondering why the lack of posts as of late, my answer is...I am a lazy student. I have spent the last few days going out, being hungover, lazing around...and reading of course! But because I feel guilty for not posting, here are a couple of my makeup looks from recent nights out:
(hope the friends in my pictures don't mind ;)

(me on the right of course) Rocking the red lips, my Mac prolong wear lipcream is perfect for nights out as it doesn't budge!

On the face I have the usual foundation and concealer, Mac style blush and MSF in soft and gentle. The eyes are Mac shroom, woodwinked and twinks with some black liner. And the lips are Mac prolong wear lipcream in prolong.

(me on the right again..I must have a thing about being on the right!)

Wearing usual foundation, concealer & Mac MSF soft and gentle. On the eyes a pearly white pixi shadow and Mac pearlglide eyeliner in petrol blue. The lips are Mac dazzleglass- funtabulous.

All in all, two easy longwearing looks that didn't budge through the night (other than the reapplying of lipgloss)

Rachy xx

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Just a quick post to show you what I'm wearing today :)

Face: Collection 2000 lasting wear concealer, Maybelline dream matte powder- 02 rose ivory, Benefit georgia peach powder, Mac MSF- soft and gentle

Eyes: Mac e/s- shroom, all that glitters, Mac pigment- copper sparkle, Mac kohl pencil- I get no kick, Pixi gel liner, Mac plush lash mascara

Lips: Mac lip pencil- Beet, Mac kissable lip colour- scan-delicious

Nails: Rimmel 60 seconds- 850 Hard edged

Rachy xxx

Monday, 7 March 2011

NOTD Barry M nail effects (again)

I know I have already done a Barry M nail effects NOTD but I have been using it alot lately, so thought I might do another one because I want to :) This time i used my housemates asda gold nailvarnish underneath, and I think the gold and black look pretty good together.

Any of you been using Barry M nail effects?
Rachy xxx

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Mac sheen supreme lipstick & another Soap & glory haul

So todays excuse for retails theraphy was a horrible hangover! I took myself down to boots and as you may know, I can't get enough of soap & glory products at the mo so I picked up 3 products on the 3 for 2 deal.
I then went to mac to look at the wonderwoman and jeanius collections and was shocked by how terrible they were! The wonder woman collection was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen! The packaging is tacky and I am not getting the whole jumbo sized thing, I stood in the shop laughing at the size of the lipgloss for a while untill I got moved on by a member of staff...
One thing I was impressed by was the new collection of sheen supreme lipsticks. great colour selection and they are creamy and glossilicious!

(more) Flake away body scrub, spray on body moisture mist & easy glistening- soap & glory scented body glitter spray! I love them all equally.

Sheen supreme lipstick in supremely confident

And here it is on. Feels nice and moisturising on and I really like how it looks, me thinks I'll be buying more of these!

Rachy xxx

last nights FOTD

Went on a night out last night, and was feeling bold so went for a bright orange lip with smokey gold/brown eyes which was a nice change.

Here it is:

Products used:

Face: Mac studio fix fluid- NW15, collection 2000 lasting colour concealer- 01 fair, Mac cream colour base- virgin isle, Mac MSF- soft and gentle

Eyes: Mac brow pencil- spiked, Mac prep + prime eye base, Mac e/s- shroom & woodwinked, 17 vintage love palette- metalic dark brown, Mac pearlglide eyeliner- lord it up, Pixi gel liner- onyx, Mac plush lash mascara

Lips: Collection 2000 lasting colour lipstick- orange punch

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Mini drugstore haul- pics, swatches & NOTD

I had a bit of a crappy morning yesterday so to cheer myself up I popped down to the local boots and superdrug and picked myself up a couple of bits :)
-From boots I picked up from number 17's new Vintage love collection the Vintage love metallic nudes mini palette and which was £5.49 (i think) and with my £5 number 7 voucher i got myself a little concealer brush :)
-In superdrug i noticed the Andrea Fullerton nailvarnish stand, which is a brand I havn't heard much about. After a little browse i noticed the Gemstone overcoat (£5.10) which is similar to the Gosh rainbow glitter I have been after. I made the purchase :)

As You can hopefully tell from the swatches below, this palette contains some really pretty colours. I noticed when swatching that the colour payoff is brilliant, I only had to lightly dab my finger in the product to get these swatched. Also they are super metalic, similar I suppose to Macs Mega metal eyeshadows. Cant wait to try these colours out on my eyes.

I really like this topcoap. The glitter flakes are irridescent and sparkle orange, yellow, green & blue when u move your fingers around. I coated this over Rimmel 60 seconds- deliciously dark (a matte colour)

Have any of you picked heard of of used any Andrea Fullerton polishes?

Rachy xxx

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